Supply Chain Management

“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.” ~Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX 


Amazon has proven it to all of us. Today, a smoothly functioning supply chain is a decisive factor for the competitiveness of companies. But just how critical the supply chain can be can be seen at Tesla and the production figures.


Rail industry

Global Supply Chain Excellence Project
Key results:

  • Improvement of delivery reliability to >85
  • 25% reduction in inventories
  • Reduction of throughput times by 20%
Food industry

Global Supply Chain Excellence Project
Key results:

  • Cost reduction in production by 10 % in year 1
  • Cost reduction in warehousing and distribution logistics by 11 %
  • Optimization of capacity utilization in outbound logistics by 20
Automotive suppliers

Global Supply Chain Excellence Project
Significant results:

  • Significant improvement in delivery reliability
  • 27% reduction in stocks
  • Reduction of logistics and transport costs

Digitalization, advancing globalization, increasing cost pressure, increasing interdependence between companies or the strategically more important position of purchasing, present supply chain management with great challenges. At the same time, supply chain managers face operational problems such as poor product and logistics quality and inadequate delivery performance on a daily basis. And this despite high operating costs and high inventories.

Many companies are asking themselves what measures they can take to improve their operational performance on the one hand and to make their supply chain sustainable and efficient on the other, so that they can continue to meet ever-growing customer requirements in the future. Various “Best Practice” approaches are discussed for this purpose.

From the often mentioned digitalization or industry 4.0 to the globalization of production networks to agile supply chains or big data analysis tools.

Do you face similar problems or questions?  We support you in finding the right approach and the right tools for your company in order to align your supply chain to the future and thus provide you with a decisive competitive advantage in the long term.

Our approach is based on your specific requirements: 

Based on your specific problem, we take a holistic look at your supply chain and how it is positioned with regard to your market and customer requirements in an initial quick-scan phase.

In doing so, we essentially consider the following areas:

A. Supply Chain Segmentation (Strategy and Organization)

B. Operational Excellence

C. Digital approaches

D. Inventory Management

In the following concept phase, we work with you to develop a sustainable supply chain concept based on best practice approaches in the necessary fields of action that will enable you to achieve your corporate goals. We are also happy to support you in the implementation phase. On the one hand methodically, on the other hand with the right change management concept to ensure a sustainable implementation.

Customer benefit / range of services for your organisation: 

  • A sustainable and state-of-the-art supply chain
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Sustainable performance improvement in all supply chain areas

Do you face similar problems or questions in your company? Our experts will be happy to support you in the supply chain area.

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