“I don’t know if it will get better if it gets different. But it has to be different if it is to get better.” Georg Christoph Lichtenberg 


The restructuring of companies, i.e. the continuous improvement of operational and strategic performance as well as the safeguarding of liquidity, is increasingly becoming an integral part of management tasks. A reorientation of the company is of great importance not only in times of crisis.

This is a holistic approach that involves all areas of the company.

Production of heating systems

Company-wide cost reduction initiative with reorganization
Significant results:

  • Reduction of considered personnel costs 15%
  • Cost of materials reduced by 12
  • Implementation of a market-oriented organisation
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals

Restructuring program with interim management for a business unit
Key results:

  • Successful restructuring of the division
  • Transfer of the area to a new manager
  • Preparation of the sale
Suppliers to the rail industry

Restructuring concept and coaching during the turnaround phase.
Essential results:

  • Stabilisation of operations (quality, delivery performance, avoidance of penalties)
  • Return of the company to profitability after 18 months
  • Introduction of a new marketable organization
Automotive suppliers

Cost reduction program and reorganization
Significant results:

  • Reduction of 20 % in inventories
  • Cost reduction in the area of production of around 15 % through introduction of lean management
  • 25% increase in production productivity
Food manufacturers

Performance Improvement through cross-site OPEX initiative.
Significant results:

  • Reduction of 20 % in inventories
  • Cost reductions between 10 – 15 % at the locations considered
  • Significant improvement in delivery reliability and capability as well as product quality

Restructuring is usually triggered by external or internal reasons:  

External reasons – for example market changes, financial crises, political conditions or a general slump in demand.

Internal reasons – for example a slump in sales, a cost explosion, quality problems or a change in competition.

Restructurings deal with operational as well as strategic, financial and structural aspects. This is not just about cutting costs, but also about how the company can continue to grow. Do you have similar problems in your company? We are happy to support you.  

Our approach:  


In order to ensure the high quality of our advice, we have identified a clear procedure. This enables us to implement the restructuring of your company quickly and efficiently.


The individual steps of our approach:  

  1. Analysis of the actual situation
  2. Drawing up and validating hypotheses to identify problem areas
  3. Development of customer-specific strategy and DNA
  4. Development of a future operating model for the client and derivation of guiding principles
  5. Detailing of the operating model and gap analysis of the actual situation
  6. Identification of fields of action (projects) and business case calculation
  7. Derivation of a Strategy Map

Range of services for your organisation:  


  • Transparency through daily liquidity management and planning
  • Development of a sustainable sales and margin improvement program
  • Sustainable cost reduction
  • Optimization of core processes
  • Adaptation of organisational structures


Do you face similar problems or questions in your company?  

Start the transformation now to make your company sustainably successful.

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