Reorganisation with candidus

What’s it all about?

To improve means to change. To be perfect therefore means to have changed often. – Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) 


When we talk about reorganization, we usually mean changing an existing organizational structure or structure.

The reasons for this cannot be more different:   

  • Process changes
  • Personnel change measures
  • External influences
  • Mergers
  • Restructurings


Reorganization is often defined as a kind of “reorganisation or reorganisation of the organization of an unprofitable process or operation”.  However, there are a number of other reasons that make a reorientation of the company necessary. New information or manufacturing technologies, statutory regulations, but also social and cultural conditions that create “internal pressure” for reorganization.

For example, due to the introduction of a new manufacturing technology, the operational processes in production must be redesigned and adapted to the technology. In addition, the creation and establishment of additional organizational units may be necessary through the expansion of the product portfolio or performance program to include new products. Great challenges that companies face on a daily basis and often neglect.


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Reorganization as an active intervention

Reorganization is an active intervention in the structures of organizations. For companies, this means further optimizing grown structures, processes and, increasingly, IT systems. Managers today expect more proximity to the business strategy, more control competence and more agility. The goal is the structurally strengthened overall company from a single source.

Unfortunately, this is often an ideal that does not fully apply in many companies, so that the company often acts as if paralysed.

Do you need support with the reorganization of your company? We are happy to accompany you as an active partner:

Our approach

Our conception phase then includes the further detailing of the new organisational structure of your company. The focus is primarily on the definition of clear responsibilities for the different areas in the company.

Formulated role profiles help to define the essential responsibilities and necessary main competences in detail.  In the age of digital transformation, attempts are being made to find new hybrid forms of organisations in order to guarantee the necessary efficiency, effectiveness and agility for the company.

These organizational structures can have different characteristics. Our goal is to find a sustainable and profitable solution that can be implemented by the company and to work out known organizational structures that fit your company and thus set up your organization in an agile way.


The implementation  

Based on the new structure, the necessary measures for implementation are then defined with the strategic objectives. This transformation process is accompanied and supported by change management.


The basics of successful implementation

Milestones are defined for the implementation phase, at which the achievement of objectives and any necessary adjustments can be checked. We coordinate all change initiatives and ensure clear communication of the goals, the expected effects of the change and the current status.

In order to counteract losses of motivation and productivity, a communication plan is drawn up and implemented. One of the recurring challenges is to understand the different constellations of interests, to prevent resistance and to create new structures. Our change management specialists offer the necessary experience in dealing with change.


Customer benefits / range of services for your organization

Our range of services in reorganization at a glance:  

  • Professional initial analysis of the organizational structure “status quo” with individually elaborated organizational models
  • Close connection with our change management specialists


Customer benefit:  

  • Ensuring better collaboration and efficiency through clearly defined tasks and interfaces
  • Improving competitiveness and increasing customer loyalty through individual alignment to changing market needs
  • Increasing employee motivation and loyalty through stronger cohesion, clear responsibilities and distribution of tasks according to knowledge and competencies


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