Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence & Lean Production

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristoteles


More than ever, companies are faced with the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing market requirements and being competitive at the same time. Typical starting points are inadequate delivery performance, quality problems, cost pressure or excessively high inventories. Classic problems that many companies do not manage ideally.

Operational Excellence is therefore understood as the holistic, continuous improvement of the order-to-cash process. Operational Excellence is defined by operational goals. These goals begin with the basic requirements of product quality and delivery performance, extend through efficiency and capital commitment to innovative capability and growth.


We have developed the CAVAS in order to be able to serve this broad spectrum ideally.

CAVAS (candidus value added system) ist ein systemischer Top-Down-Ansatz zur ganzheitlichen Prozessoptimierung. Hierbei wird die Supply Chain durch die Marktanforderungen in einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz mit optimal ineinandergreifenden Systemen gesteuert.


CAVAS verbindet dabei Elemente aus dem Lean-Management, Theory of Constraints und Factory Physics mit einer Portion gesundem Pragmatismus sowie Praxiserfahrung unserer Berater.

One building block of Operational Excellence is the realization of service classes:

Customers often demand faster deliveries. In order to meet this market demand, so-called service classes are defined first. SK describe the delivery times for each product from customer to supplier. This makes the market requirements regarding speed transparent and realizable for the supply chain.

To this end, the supply chain is consistently aligned to the customer. The supply chain improves from the customer’s point of view (delivery performance) but also internally within your company by improving efficiency and capital commitment.


Automotive suppliers

Operational Excellence project with focus on inventory reduction & product availability
Key results:

  • 1.4 % increase in product availability
  • 27% reduction in stocks
  • Improving reliability as a supplier
  • Reduction of logistics and transport costs through outsourcing

Cable Industry

Cross-site operational excellence project
Key results:

  • Reduce error rate by 50% in four weeks
  • Reduction of the hourly rate by 25%.
  • Saving a warehouse through layout optimization
  • Significant increase in productivity

We are happy to support you in finding out which strategy is suitable for your business model and develop an efficient implementation concept together with you.   

Our approach

Together, we develop and implement a value-added system that is individually tailored to your company and your goals. With our 4-step approach, we ensure that the right measures to achieve operational excellence are defined and implemented.

For this purpose, concrete goals are jointly derived from the corporate goals and prioritized with the help of the Candidus goal pyramid.

Together, the necessary success factors are determined in order to achieve the jointly set goals. From this, concrete measures are derived and implemented. The goals are then converted into KPIs and their development reviewed. The KPIs are continuously improved (PDCA).

In this way, Operational Excellence is sustainably achieved in accordance with your corporate goals.


Customer benefit / range of services for your organisation:

Consulting from our company offers you the following advantages:

  • Stable processes
  • Reduction of complaints and achievement of promised product quality
  • High delivery reliability with low inventories
  • Increased supply capability through an agile value chain / SC
  • Short time-to-market
  • Increased efficiency in terms of personnel, plants and materials
  • Reduction of inventory with stable delivery performance
  • Sustainable process improvement also beyond the project by setting up a reporting system with continuous improvement in mind.

Let us work together on your Operational Excellence. Contact us and benefit from our employees’ many years of experience in the field of Operational Excellence.

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