Operational Balanced Scorecard

“We want to double our profitability by 2030”, these or similar statements are all too familiar from board members and managing directors. However, in order to be able to actually implement them, they have to be implemented for the operational areas of the company.

The Operational Balanced Scorecard defines relevant KPIs and breaks down the corporate goals into the corresponding processes. In this way, target deviations are transparently identified in order to be able to improve them afterwards.

The candidus goal pyramid helps to structure the constant conflict of goals of the operational goals.


The target pyramid consists of the following elements:

  • Basis – Quality and delivery reliability
  • Performance – delivery capability, efficiency and capital commitment
  • Excellence goals – innovation, growth, sustainability


The KPIs developed from this pyramid of objectives are adapted to each element of the process chain and thus measure the performance of a process. The analysis of the KPIs is the basis for the planning and control of procedures and processes as well as the basis for solution-oriented discussions and the identification of measures.

In order for you to achieve operational excellence, we work continuously on improving the KPIs. This also constantly optimizes the process chain and strengthens the internal customer-supplier relationship.

To ensure that you benefit from our high quality standards, all our projects in the areas of supply chain and transformation management are accompanied by our agile project management approach.

Our approach:

At the beginning we discuss your business objectives with the functions of the value creation process. These goals are incorporated into the candidus goal pyramid and prioritized.

We then define the KPIs together with you. Through the KPI calculation, it is possible to compare the performance of the individual process sections with each other.

As soon as target deviations of a KPI become apparent, we develop measures to avoid errors. In this way, an improvement process (PDCA) is sustainably implemented in the company.

A monthly KPI meeting with the KPI managers and management to present the development and target achievement is particularly important in order to document and implement improvements to the targets.


Your advantages at a glance:

As our customer you profit from a higher transparency of the company goals and the project success. In addition, we show you ways to reduce any possible deviation from your goals and to implement consistent measures.

It is our concern to offer you continuous improvement beyond the project itself. We will be happy to assist you with the implementation.

Let us define your Operational Balanced Scorecard together. Contact us and benefit from the many years of experience of our employees.

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