Medical technology industry







More than a tenth of Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP) is apportionable to health services. In Eastern Europe, Russia and newly industrialized countries, it is often considerably less, although these countries show extreme growth potential. Many business are counting on this potential for growth. This is evident in view of great deal of R&D effort in the industry. More than a third of all products are younger than three years. There is hardly any other industry that shows such a high R&D quota to the extent the medical technology industry does. The special dynamics in the industry require experience and unique approach for moving forward.

We can assist companies in the field of medical technology to find the right strategy for dealing with high market requirements and quick cycles of innovation. Due to our experience in the field of medical technology, we understand the specifics of the industry and how to deal with them incredibly well. Not only do we provide knowledge in the area of methodology, but also benchmarking and best-practice know-how.

Efficient management of working capital is crucially necessary in the face of high investments in the areas of research and development in order to ensure the required level of liquidity. We analyze your internal processes as well as structures, optimizing your supply chain ranging from customers to the suppliers. Further focuses of our consultation have to do with key areas such as purchasing and production – with specific approaches to cope with challenges and strategies to strengthen and expand your position in the market.





In cooperation with you, our core consultation services aim at results: