Mechanical engineering is staring into the face of dramatic and massive change. Due to the current state of global competition on the one hand and continuously increasing technical requirements on the other, an enormous amount of pressure is placed on factors concerning time, costs, and innovative strength. In this complex environment, only those working with a competent team to adequately fulfill customer requirements will be successful against global competition over the long term. Optimally integrated strategies have to be developed and these have to be consistently implemented, whether it be mass production or project-related business.

We have many years of project experience in the field of mechanical and plant engineering and support our customers in both strategic as well as operative issues dealing with the entire value chain. Together with our clients, we optimize processes, adapt organizational structures and develop concepts for increasing efficiency as well as reducing costs. In the process, implementing measurable results and benefit and success always along with them remain our priority.

The challenges of the future can only be mastered with continuous innovation management; a comprehensive and market-oriented product range; quick, reliable and efficient logistic and production processes as well as strict and conclusive controlling measures.


We provide customized solutions that build upon our expertise:



Select project references in the in the field of mechanical and plant engineering



General results:

  • Creation of a completely independent location
  • Drop in error ratio by 50 % within four weeks time
  • Reduction in hourly wage by 25%
  • Do without an entire warehouse through layout optimization
  • Significant increase in productivity

General results:

  • Centralization of production and warehouse structure
  • Streamlining indirect structures
  • Lowering total costs by approx. 20 % in all areas