Digital Supply Chain

“The past is not an accurate compass to the future.”


Megatrends such as individualization, new work, connectivity and globalization have an impact on our world and shape the business environment of tomorrow. The supply chain is becoming a decisive differentiating factor in the market and poses major challenges for many companies. Global competition and demand structures, fluctuations in demand with a high degree of individualization, shortened product life cycles and the demand for transparency demand a reorientation of the organization and the supply chain.

As a result, the customer is moved even more into the centre of attention. These changes bring advantages and opportunities, but they also create completely new challenges for companies, which they are often no longer able to master alone.

Our vision of the supply chain does not end with industry 4.0 technologies. We look at your operating model and work with you to find holistic approaches and solutions that will sustainably strengthen your company in the marketplace.

We are happy to support you in finding out which strategy is suitable for your business model and develop an efficient implementation concept together with you.   

Our Digital Supply Chain Excellence approach covers the following topics:  


  • The strategic orientation of the company with regard to digitization,
  • Cooperation approaches to increase agility,
  • The design of the corporate organization and culture in the direction of agile organization,
  • The end-to-end process view with state-of-the-art technologies as well as
  • the information and communication level in terms of data quality and availability.

Our approach:


Our Digital Supply Chain Excellence approach is integrated as standard in candidus’ Operational Excellence and Reorganization areas, and can also be discussed separately in a joint workshop if required.

In a joint workshop, we classify your company in our Digital Supply Chain Excellence maturity level model based on your current status quo. We consider different success factors in five different dimensions and can quickly and effectively classify your company.

A gap analysis between the identified degree of maturity and the (industry-dependent) benchmark shows potentials and fields of action or success factors.

Of course, we take into account your individual objectives as well as the market and general conditions of your company.

Together, we will define a roadmap with which you can sustainably strengthen your Digital Supply Chain Excellence. We will be happy to support you both in the detailed concept development and in the implementation.

Range of services for your organisation:


With us, you as a company receive a holistic approach with concrete measures. When aligning the supply chain, we pay attention to new market requirements and customer centricity.

Our goal is to accelerate opportunity-to-order, innovation and order-to-cash processes, which we are happy to implement in your company.


Possible targets for your company can be included:


  • Increasing the organization’s capacity for innovation
  • Cost reduction for more efficiency
  • The design of the corporate organization
  • Increase of agility


Let us work out your roadmap to the digital supply chain together. Contact us and benefit from the many years of experience of our employees in digital supply chain management.

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