Coaching & Change-Management

“Of course, I cannot say whether things will get better if they get different. But I can say this much: things must change if they are to get better!”Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)


The situation is similar across industries – increasingly globalized markets are developing a dynamic complexity and digital transformation technologies and developments can suddenly question business models.

In order to master this combination of agility and process stability, a professional and holistic approach is required for targeted change in line with corporate strategy. This approach is called change management.

In order to carry out the transformation and to anchor the associated improvements and changes in the company on a sustainable basis, the framework conditions for a far-reaching change process in the organisation must be created in addition to the implementation measures. The aim is to make change as efficient as possible and to provide the people concerned with the appropriate information at an early stage and integrate it into the process.

For this purpose, existing structures and ways of thinking often have to be broken down and a change of perspective has to be brought about. Otherwise, the best concepts on paper will not achieve the desired implementation success.

The areas of coaching and managing change have become a core task of modern managers in a company. This includes identifying talented employees, placing them in the right position, promoting them, managing team processes, identifying conflicts at an early stage and designing flexible solutions. This is an essential prerequisite for successful transformations and lays the foundation for future processes and strategies.

This leads to the candidus philosophy of offering coaching and change management in addition to our consulting competencies and integrating them as an integral part. We are convinced that only the consideration of both disciplines ensures the successful implementation of change.

Many of our consultants therefore have appropriate coaching or change management training. In addition, we work together with specially trained coaches and experts to guarantee the success of the consultancy.

Our range of services in the area of Coaching & Change Management

Individual coaching: to reflect and improve your appearance, attitude and behaviour as a manager

Team coaching: to improve the quality of employee and team leadership as well as change processes in the team

Change management in consulting projects: Accompanying change management programs in consulting projects to ensure the implementation of measures and sustainability

We are happy to support you in finding out which strategy is suitable for your business model and develop an efficient implementation concept together with you.   

Our approach:  

In order to implement change management projects sustainably and above all successfully, it is of crucial importance to identify all persons affected by the project. A stakeholder analysis is prepared for these and an individual change strategy is defined for each group.

At the beginning of the project implementation, Candidus focuses on the creation of a detailed action and implementation plan with plan milestones. This includes transparency, measurability of sub-processes, decentralized responsibility and systematic project controlling.

Managers in particular often take on more responsibility as a result of the change process that has been implemented. Consequently, an individual competence analysis and personal coaching make sense in order to actively integrate them into the transformation.

Range of services for your organization:  


  • Sustainable implementation of changes
  • Professional support during change processes
  • Tracking of the change
  • Coaching & Training of your employees


Contact us and benefit from the many years of experience of our employees in the field of organizational transformation.  

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