The automotive manufacturing industry and its suppliers are currently experiencing a phase of growth, especially in the international markets. However, the pressure of cost and competition on the business is on the rise due to an increasing level of internationalization. Along with a growing number of risks concerning product development, relocation to emerging markets and the increasing complexity of products, many companies are faced with great challenges.

We can assist automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to find the right strategy for this phase. Due to our experience in the automotive field, we understand the specifics of the industry and how to deal with them very well. Not only do we provide knowledge in the area of methodology, but also benchmarking and best-practice know-how.

Efficient management of working capital is crucially necessary in the face of pressure on the market due to pricing and, at the same time, high investments in the areas of research and development, especially with regard to market demand in the field of new drive technology and mobility concepts. We analyze your internal processes and implement targeted restructuring measures if required. Further focuses of our consultation have to do with key areas such as supply chain management, as well as purchasing and production – with specific approaches to cope with challenges and strategies to strengthen your position in the market.


In cooperation with you, our core consultation services aim to achieve results, improving your performance:



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General results:

  • Improvement of delivery reliability to 95 %
  • Improvement of inventory turnover to 7.5 %
  • Reduction of logistics costs to 6.5 %

General results:

  • Increase in product availability by 1.4 %
  • Drop in inventory by 27 %
  • Improvement of reliability as a supplier: better competitiveness
  • Drop in logistics and transport costs by outsourcing