Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry and its suppliers are currently experiencing a growth phase, especially in the international market environment. However, increasing internationalization is also increasing the cost and competitive pressure on companies. Together with growing risks with regard to product development, relocation to growth markets and the increasing complexity of products, many companies are facing major challenges.

We can support automotive manufacturers and suppliers in finding the right strategy for this phase. Our project experience in the automotive sector allows us to understand the specifics and levers of the industry very well and provide not only methodological knowledge, but also benchmark and best practice knowledge.

Efficient working capital management is absolutely essential in view of price pressure and at the same time high investments in research and development, as required by the market, especially in the area of new drive technologies and mobility concepts. We analyze your internal processes and implement targeted restructuring measures with you if necessary. Our consulting services also focus on the key areas of supply chain management, purchasing and production – with concrete approaches to mastering the challenges and strategies to strengthen your market position.

In cooperation with you, we achieve performance improvement in all our consulting areas:

Selected project references

Supply chain project with focus on delivery performance & logistics

Key results:

  • Improved delivery performance to 95%.
  • Improvement of stock turnover rate to 7.5
  • Reduction of logistics costs to 6.5%

Operational Excellence project with focus on inventory reduction & product availability

Key results:

  • 1.4 % increase in product availability
  • 27% reduction in stocks
  • Improving reliability as a supplier
  • Reduction of logistics and transport costs through outsourcing