About us

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We are a medium-sized management consultancy in the field of Supply Chain & Transformation Management with headquarters in Munich, founded in 2003 by our managing director Stefan Treiber and others.  


Our drive: We want to make your company more successful! 


We have a wealth of experience and first-class references with both medium-sized companies and large corporations. We are attracted by the challenge – regardless of the size of the company.  


Our service portfolio provides optimization approaches for all relevant operations management topics.  

What makes us different

We combine the conceptual demands of top management consulting with a strong focus on implementation. Internationally experienced consultants with many years of industry and methodology know-how work together with your management to develop convincing solutions.

We support your company in the development, but above all in the implementation of concepts for a sustainable improvement of results and accordingly help you to secure and increase your competitiveness in the long term. The quality of our service and your success is our top priority. It goes without saying that we also think outside the box, work analytically cleanly and at the same time have the necessary depth.

We accompany your company during the implementation and make use of the well-known consulting methods in workshops and seminars. However, we do not leave it at that, but train and strengthen your team through personal coaching and professional interim management.

The achievement of objectives is consistently measured and reported using jointly agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With their help, we continuously check the effectiveness of the defined measures and implement a control loop. This is the basis for a stable and goal-oriented further development and also ensures sustainability after the end of the project.

We see ourselves as your company's partner & enabler for your success. We support you in the implementation of jointly developed concepts, including coaching and change management. In this way, we ensure that all employees are successfully involved in the implementation of the concepts and ensure the sustainability of the project.

Who we are

Personal responsibility, trust, motivation, team spirit, openness & transparency: these are our candidus values and we embody them not only internally, but also in our cooperation with our clients.   


We attach importance to an open and trusting working atmosphere in the team with our customers and at the same time always give top performance in our projects. We want to be sparring partners for our clients and bring the project to its goal together, whereby everyone makes their own contribution to the success of the project.   

In order to achieve this, our project teams consist of experienced, expert consultants with excellent methodological competence as well as consultants who can look back on several years of industry experience. We have both national and international expertise and are committed to the success of your business through our high quality standards.


An optimally functioning team with complementary skills – tailor-made and tailored to the needs of our customers – is decisive for the success of any project. As a team, we are directly committed to your success.

Our cooperation partners

We have years of consulting and practical experience, but even we cannot know everything in detail. In order to ensure that we can still successfully implement all projects, we have experienced and excellent cooperation partners in all project-relevant areas:  


  1. ERP/ SAP Implementation  
  2. Coaching/ Trainings
  3. Digitization & IT Tools